Safety Awareness Survey Scorecard (SASS)

How do I know my organization qualifies for the cost-effective SASS program?

  • Your organization must have been in the COR system for at least four years (completed at least two certification audits)
  • Your organization must have scored above 90% in your last certification audit
  • Your organization must currently be in the first maintenance year after your certification audit
  • Your organization should have 50 employees however consideration will be given to as low as 30 employees

What does it mean if I qualify?

This means that you can use the cost-effective value add SASS solution to meet your Alberta COR maintenance audit requirements for two consecutive maintenance years.

Year one:
– Complete the Survey
– Create an action plan based on the results (typically 10-15 items)
– Submit the action plan to the AASP (withing 45 days)

Year two:
– Implemented and complet 80% of the action plan
– submit of action plan and deliverables by November 30th

Benefit to your organization:

  • You can save between 50% – 80% of your direct and indirect costs in terms of auditor fees as the survey encompasses both maintenance years.
  • It is less invasive as there are no site visits, documentation reviews or in person interviews.
  • The survey is a simple, anonymous 10-minute survey completed online by a minimum of 40% of your employees.
  • The questions are designed to measure perceptions to key drivers of a COR-aligned safety culture; helping identify new areas of improvement for your organization as it pertains to health and safety.
  • The final step in the process is to submit the action plan (minimum of 80% completion required) by November 30 of the second year. Copies of documentation to validate the deliverables on the action plan must also be included. The submission can be electronic or paper.

If you meet all these requirements, please complete the attached SASS request form and email it to for approval.

The request form needs to be submitted before March 31.

Who is SafetyVantage:

SafetyVantage is the approved independent third-party that administers the SASS on behalf of the AASP.