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Could this have been your business? On October 12, 2013 a life was forever changed, and a business suffered severe loss.   Please read the link which is a letter from Michael Sheppard explaining how quickly and easily one’s world can be turned upside...

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Alberta Laws

OHS ACT, REGULATIONS AND CODE UPDATES Stay tuned, all our courses are currently being updated and will be ready for delivery in-house or classroom by second week of June.  The eLearning for Module 3 – Joint Work Site Health and Safety Committees and/or...

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Research Your Suppliers!

Circumstances of the Offence We run a seasonal, event-based business called ScreamWorks and are only open for less than two weeks a year. Every season, we add new activities and in 2013, we added a zombie paintball shooting game. Zombie paintball is a fast...

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