AASP is now a Trichome Affiliate

Trichome Institute sets the highest standards of science, education and certification for the cannabis industry.

Trichome has developed approved and researched cannabis training materials that include certification training for the retailer of cannabis products.

Trichome has also produced a video presentation on
“Cannabis Tolerance & Impairment Complexities”

This presentation is great for physicians, nurses, healthcare professionals, law enforcement, safety agencies, drug testing facilities, school’s, cannabis patients or MMJ parents, as well as anyone interested in achieving a better true understanding of the cannabis product.

Cannabis has always been in use and will become more prevalent in our every day lives as Canada moves towards legalization of cannabis.  It is important to get it right and part of getting it right is through education; helping people to make an informed decision; understanding the product; understand the science behind the product and when it is safe to use and when it should never be used.

We need to educate to ensure a true understanding of what legalization of cannabis will bring to our communities and how we can ensure safe products are being sold.


Doing it right because it is the right thing to do!